Did you ever imagine you would spend a year+ of your life isolated in your home unable to spend time with your friends and loved ones? 

This is what life is always like for home-bound seniors.

Seniors like John. John’s partner Yvonne passed away nearly 4 years ago. Since then he has lived alone with his two cats, Kipper & KK. John is frail, has difficulty walking, and a number of health issues. 

John’s health issues prevent him from being able to drive making him unable to shop for food. He struggles to stand with the assistance of a walker. John is incapable of safely preparing a meal for himself. 

When asked how John would get meals if we were unable to provide them he replied, “I don’t really know. I suppose I would go hungry.” 

Today more than ever programs like Meals on Wheels of Salem County are vital to the health and safety of seniors like John. Donors like you make it possible so that John doesn’t go hungry. 

One way to make a difference in the lives of home-bound seniors like John is through the Salem Health and Wellness Foundation’s Matching Gift program. Donations made through the program from June 1st through December 1st will be doubled up to $20,000. 

A $25 donation will provide hot meals to John for one week when doubled. 

To make this even easier for you we’ve increased the ways you can make a donation. Use the enclosed giving form OR text the code Matching21 to 41444. Then follow the link you receive via text message to complete your donation.  

Thanks to donors like you, Meals on Wheels of Salem County is there for John and countless other Salem County seniors. 

P.S. Make your donation go further today! Participate in this doubling opportunity by 12/1. 

Your gift of $100 will provide 28 hot meals to seniors when doubled. 

To make a donation: https://app.mobilecause.com/f/3di2/n