Alison Bohn

Thank you, Alison, for helping us to deliver more than just a meal! Alison began volunteering for us after her son came home and talked about his great experience of volunteering in our office. She was led by the example of her grandparents, who were active volunteers in their communities, and now leads by example to her own kids! Alison lives by the saying, “It takes a village” and feels that volunteering to deliver meals to seniors in her community is doing her small part to contribute to the village.

Though Alison delivers on several routes for us and is beloved by all of our clients, she had a special relationship with a particular couple that found out that Alison is a zookeeper. Whenever they had an animal-related matter, Alison was their go-to source for information and help. She even helped them with a possum that had been on their porch a few days! Alison is a dedicated volunteer that we are so thankful to have here at Meals on Wheels! She even takes her kids along with her on her delivery routes when they are available.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can volunteer for 2 hours, once every four weeks as a driver, or how you can help out in the office, please call us at 856-935-3663 or email Teresa at .


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November 5, 2019