Anne & Melissa Buckwheat


Meet Mother-Daughter Team Anne & Melissa Buckwheat!

Melissa wanted to get involved with her community & knew that MOW provides a vital service. Melissa is a board member who feels it is important that people continue to support MOW through action and donation.

After Melissa joined the board of directors, Anne thought it would be a lot of fun for them to deliver as a team. Anne is a retired RN & was familiar with MOW from her 27 years in nursing.

They make an effort for every visit to be special because they know that they might be the only visitor that client has each day.
Anne shared a story about a recent delivery.

“Funny delivery story…a couple of weeks ago Melissa and I were on our last delivery to a particularly favorite client. She was standing in the doorway waving to us as we drove up…Mel started waving back enthusiastically and wasn’t watching the road. We ended up on the curb with a flat tire. She, I and the client were laughing to the point of tears. It was truly a comedic moment worthy of a television sitcom.”

Anne & Melissa Buckwheat


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May 20, 2020