Ava Harvey

Ava Harvey celebrated her 10 year anniversary as a Meal on Wheels volunteer earlier this year. We asked her to share with us about her experience as a volunteer.

“I had recently retired from John Fenwick School and had friends at MOW. I knew they needed help and I had the time so I volunteered. Volunteering is important to me because I know there is a need and I can help the community in this way. We asked if she has any special memories about her time as a volunteer. “One client recalled when I first came to teach in Salem. She remembered me as a pretty little thing. That was a long, long time and many pounds ago. Another client always had a jar of seasonal candy on the table and insisted I help myself. What could I do? I couldn’t hurt her feelings. I had to eat her candy. Several clients were parents of my former students. It was like a reunion to reminiscence and get updates on my kids.” Ava belongs to the Salem County Nature Club, she enjoys birding and gardening.

Thank you for delivering more than a meal.

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September 9, 2020