Beth Deubert

Beth Deubert family

Beth Deubert of Pilesgrove started volunteering with her family last summer. We asked her why they started volunteering and what if meant to them as a family.

“ I started volunteering with Meals on Wheels after I saw a spotlight Facebook post that had my friend’s son on it. I reached out to my friend for more details, and after hearing about it, I thought, how perfect! Working full time and raising 2 kids can make it hard to find that perfect volunteer job where you can do it all. Meals on Wheels looked like a perfect fit.

It is important to me to volunteer on a regular basis. Giving to others is good for my soul as well as it’s good for those you are able to help.

I love doing the deliveries with my kids. It’s heartwarming to hear them get excited for some of the deliveries because they remember how nice the person was that they delivered to last time. I might hear ‘I want to do that delivery, she is so nice and fun to talk to’!”

Thank you for delivering more than a meal!


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October 27, 2021