Cheryl Easterling

Meet Cheryl Easterling pictured with her daughters, Ava and Emma along with their delivery partner Nancy Mossop. Cheryl tells us about her journey to becoming part of the Meals on Wheels volunteer team.

“For 15 years I worked as an elementary school teacher, but our family of 3 became a family of 5 with the surprise blessing of identical twin girls, Ava and Emma. I decided to take a break from my teaching career and stay home, hopeful that I could find a way to serve others once the twins got older. My church (Crossbridge Community Church) posted about the Meals on Wheels training session opportunity. After learning about volunteer responsibilities and time requirements, I was excited that Meals on Wheels not only gave me the chance to serve but to start teaching my little ones how important it is to show others they are important and cared about! After delivering for 2 ½ years this is part of our routine and the girls refer to the clients as the “grandmas and grandpas”.

We love delivering and meeting with the clients, but it’s not always easy with two young girls in tow. The route takes us a little longer and while the girls take turns with me delivering meals, I always need an extra person to be in the van with the one waiting. Family and friends were a great help in volunteering to ride along with me, but one day MOW sent out an e-mail looking for anyone who might need a driver. Nancy was a former volunteer who knew the area and was ready to get back into serving after previously delivering with her husband. She was willing to be the wheels if someone else could do the legwork. Even though I didn’t seem to fit what Nancy was looking for, I replied that I could use someone to ride along with us. Since then we have been a fantastic team. Ava, Emma and I not only look forward to seeing the grandmas and grandpas every month, but we can’t wait to spend time with Miss Nancy!

Meals on Wheels provides an invaluable service and we’re so blessed to be a small part of that! It’s a joy to not only bring a meal, but to bring smiles as we get to greet each client. And believe me, I know the clients would rather get a chat in, compliment a princess outfit, or enjoy a twirl and a smile from 5 year old Ava and Emma than talk with me, and that’s just fine!!! ”
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Cheryl Easterling with her two daughters and Nancy Mossop


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April 13, 2021