Cheryl Schenkel

Cheryl Schenkel of Woodstown had this to share about volunteering with Meals on Wheels.
“I had wanted to volunteer a long time before I finally did. I am so glad I did. Being in my 13th year, I cannot believe the time has passed by so quickly!!! Then, I think of those who still deliver from when meals first started!!!!

I am happy and blessed to be in good health and to give back and help where and what I can. I have said for years….if everyone volunteered one day, one season, one team, one classroom, or one person, there shouldn’t be any reason to solicit for them.

I’m not special or extraordinary, just a citizen in the community trying to do whatever I can. I would say, if anyone is thinking about delivering meals, do it…’s easy, it doesn’t take anytime out of even the busiest schedule, makes your heart and soul feel good…..and most of all, everyone doesn’t have what most take for granted.”

Thank you Cheryl for delivering More Than A Meal.

Cheryl Schenkel carrying large blue cooler


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October 7, 2020