Connie and Bill Clark

Meet Connie and Bill Clark of Pennsville. They recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary as volunteers with Meals on Wheels of Salem County. We spoke to Connie and she shared some insight on their experience.

“My first experience with MOW was as a nurse realizing how important the food and daily visits were to patient care as they returned home. As my kids were growing up I wanted them to experience the joy of giving to others and we had such a great time visiting clients! Over the years I had the privilege of getting to know some of the county pioneers on the MOW board and was so impressed by their dedication and clear vision. In the “old days” the board members made the main course (a jello/ cottage cheese salad) for the annual volunteer luncheon so I gained a recipe for our family as well. As a retiree with more time available, a friend who was volunteering and a willing husband helper (he says he always obeys me) I looked forward to returning to a route. I always feel we get more from our monthly visits than the clients do and we love visiting with our fellow volunteers as we meet at the distribution center as well. Thank you for the pleasure of knowing so many wonderful people over the years.”

Thank you Bill and Connie for delivering more than a meal.

Bill and Connie Clark sitting in trunk of SUV


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January 6, 2021