Dawn Rapa


Dawn Rapa from Pilesgrove, pictured with her delivery partner Maryanne Midili, is a volunteer driver and former board member for Meals on Wheels. She enjoys volunteering in general as a way to give back to her community and she realizes that the elderly and shut-ins are not always able to get out. Delivering meals is a way to brighten their day, make sure they are well and that they have a good meal.

Dawn shared a story that one year during the holiday season while she was delivering meals, a client mentioned that he didn’t have anywhere to go for Christmas so she invited him to her home to celebrate with her family. She and her sons picked him up and he met her entire family. She said that everyone enjoyed his company and it was a true Christmas blessing for all of them.

When we asked Dawn is there was anything personal that she would like to share about volunteering with Meals on Wheels, she responded “I would like to say that I think getting involved and doing things for the community is important. You never know what is going on in someone’s life and sometimes just being there can make all the difference for them.”

Thank you for delivering more than a meal.

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Dawn Rapa and Maryanne Midili standing together


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August 19, 2020