Father Chuck Messer


Meet Father Chuck Messer, who started volunteering with us shortly after moving to our area in 2018. He knew delivering meals would give him a better understanding of the community that he serves. When asked why volunteering with MOW is important to him his responded “First, it is an extension of my faith that calls me to love my neighbor as myself. Secondly, I want to be a good neighbor and grateful member of our community. Lastly, and selfishly, I receive gifts of joy and happiness from our clients each time I volunteer.”

Getting to know the clients on a personal level is one of his favorite parts of delivering meals. He has developed a friendship with a client and shared this story. “Reggie is a relatively young man who fills out his 6’6 frame like a linebacker. I was instantly drawn to Reggie and wanted to know him better. Each time I would volunteer, he and I would exchange small bits of conversation until one day he opened up. I learned he played college football for Penn State until an injury sidelined him. In his professional life, he was a certified accountant. I would never had known of his vast experiences without volunteering.”

Father Chuck is married with 3 children in college. He enjoys fishing and kayaking for stress relief. With their love of the outdoors, he hopes to visit every national park in the country someday. Thank you for delivering more than a meal.

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May 20, 2020