John Maloney

John Maloney

We have known the Melchert family since Carly’s little sister was in Kindergarten.  When given the opportunity to help, I did.

  1. MOW is important, as are other organizations I volunteer to help, so I am glad to give back.
  2. One client that mumbled her responses when spoken to had a care taker after many months on her own that I believe was her nephew.  One visit the nephew and I were talking in front of the client when he said, she, the client, did not communicate very well.  Immediately she looked at me and  we smiled  to confirm she communicated very well but just in her language.
  3. When given the opportunity to help your neighbor, do so.

John Maloney of Monroeville has been volunteering with Meals on Wheels for 3 years. He became aware of the need for volunteers from being a longtime family friend of our Executive Director, Carly Melchert. John loves to give back to the community and volunteers with various organizations.

During a recent delivery, John shared that he was speaking to a client’s family member who advised him that she (the client) had difficulty verbally communicating. He said the client looked at him and shared a big smile; she communicated very well in her own way.

John shared this advice, “when given the opportunity to help your neighbor, do so”.

Thank you for delivering More Than a Meal.


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July 27, 2021