Karen Halter & Haley Gillespie


Meet our mother-daughter volunteer team, Karen Halter and Haley Gillespie of Woodstown. During the initial days of the pandemic MOW held emergency volunteer training to prepare new volunteers (most temporary) to help with meal delivery during a time when many of our regular drivers are unable to deliver due to risk factors with their own health. They were part of the initial group that signed up to assist with this need.

Karen is home from her job as a school nurse due to Covid 19 and Haley moved home from DC to isolate with her family. They figured there may be gaps if volunteers got sick and felt it was important to find ways to support our community at this time.

Karen stated,”I think in this time of uncertainty making sure that services to our very important seniors are not interrupted or changed too much is an important way to support them until our world returns to normal.”

While delivering, Haley normally drives and Karen navigates. While out on the Pittsgrove route they lost the GPS due to no cell phone service and Karen said her my mapping skills are non existent so they did a lot of driving around in circles!

They both enjoy the feeling of helping anyone in this crisis in some small way and hope everyone stays safe and stays well. Thank you for delivering more than just a meal.
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Mother-daughter volunteer team, Karen Halter and Haley Gillespie of Woodstown

Karen Halter

Haley Gillespie


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May 20, 2020