Katie Halpin

Katie Halpin

We would like to congratulate our volunteer, Katie Halpin, on recently being awarded the Harriet Bloomfield scholarship and her recognition by NJFocus Magazine.

We are proud to have Katie as part of our volunteer team.I am currently a MSW student at Widener University, graduating in May of 2023. My goal upon graduation is to work with children, either in child services or some other manner. I am new to the social work profession, having received my BSN from Villanova many years ago, and I worked as a renal and transplant nurse prior to marriage and parenthood. After having four children, becoming a resource parent, volunteering with CASA and other organizations, and running a local outreach program through my church, I realized my passion for helping people would best be served in social work. Going back to school at this time of my life has been a challenge, between balancing my family and regular job with school and field placement, but it is worth it! This scholarship means a lot to me, financially assisting my fall semester. My oldest son starts college at Rowan University this fall also, so finances will be tight in the upcoming year. I am so appreciative of the help from this Harriet Bloomfield scholarship!


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August 12, 2021