Kim Lounsbury

Kim Lounsbury talks about her journey as a Meals on Wheels volunteer which actually started nearly 20 years ago.

“I had the opportunity to volunteer for meals on wheels almost twenty years ago thru a Day of Giving while employed at PSE&G. I loved it and always thought that once I retired and had more available time I could volunteer on a regular basis. Then while working at my current job at Parker Jewelers, a customer was talking about how she volunteers to deliver meals once a month for a couple of hours. Once I realized it was possible to deliver a local Salem route during an extended lunch hour once a month I was all in!!

Delivering Meals on Wheels is such a blessing! I remember thinking how I was going to be in a position to bless these wonderful people by delivering their meals and chatting a few minutes with them. Wow, was I surprised to realize that it is way more of a blessing to me!! We are all called to be helpers. Being able to help in such a manner has given me so much joy and appreciation for each of my amazing clients as well as the other volunteers and staff that I get to interact with.

I was so very fortunate to have one of my best friends deliver with me for a while. It became such a treat to visit as we delivered. When she passed away it was almost heart breaking to deliver without her. My husband then volunteered to join me to keep me company. Little did he know that he would enjoy it as much as he does! He takes little treats to some of the clients and they actually started calling him the candy man. A title he enjoys very much and is quite proud of! Lol

I am a mom of three and the mommom of two, along with being a daughter, wife, sister, aunt, friend, coworker and volunteer. I believe whole heartedly that we should all strive to be the difference we wish to see in the world. Go volunteer my friends. Go make a difference!”

Kim Lounsbury holding up a carved number 3 in daylight


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January 6, 2021