Loretta Flagstad & Mary Ellen Wood

Meet the mother-daughter team of Loretta Flagstad and Mary Ellen Wood. This duo has been volunteering with us for over 2 years. We asked Loretta to tell us about their experience as volunteers.

“I received a flyer at our church asking for volunteers. We had no idea how this worked but we decided to try it. My mom and I always have enjoyed helping to meet the needs of others who may not be able to do things themselves and may not have family that is available. Making sure that people have meals each day is so important and we thought this would be a great way to serve our community. Serving others is key to getting out of your own little bubble and finding fulfillment in seeing needs being meant, it not only makes the client smile but you also! Some of the clients are not very talkative and that’s fine! But others are and they make you feel so appreciated, they are so sweet and sometimes if only just for a moment it’s good to be an ear for them to share with! This is not about us personally, but it’s about the program. Meals on Wheels is doing a great job, it meets the physical need of food, but it also is meeting the relationship need that many may be craving, even if it is just one tiny moment a day, it’s something to look forward to. It literally only takes us about 1 hr to complete our shift, but that hour is very rewarding and we are honored and blessed to be able to do it!”

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Loretta Flagstad Mary Ellen Wood posing for photo


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September 9, 2020