Mary Lou Chollis


Meet MaryLou Chollis of Pennsville. Marylou started delivering meals about 12 years ago when a friend who was already a volunteer was looking for someone to help her on her route.

Over the years, she has been able to introduce her 3 grandsons to Meals on Wheels and they have assisted with deliveries. She recalls one time when she had all 3 with her on a delivery. When they arrived, the client asked them to place the food on the table for them and when they came through the couple laughed because it looked like a parade going through their home. She says that they still ask about her grandsons when she delivers to them. Delivering the meals together and having lunch after are special memories with her grandsons.

MaryLou feels that volunteering with Meals on Wheels is so important to fill a critical but sometimes hidden need in the Community. Thank you MaryLou for delivering more than a meal.


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August 19, 2020