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Maryanne Midili of Pilesgrove explains her journey as a volunteer with Meals on Wheels. “ My real estate partner, Dawn Rapa, saw that I was in need of something to bring joy into my life and she suggested that I join her to deliver Meals on Wheels where I’d get to do for others and meet wonderful people and make them happy…in turn, making me happy. This was many years ago and I truly believe it was the perfect fit for me.

I love getting to meet the people and even if for only 5 minutes, making them a smile or even better laugh…it’s magical. The idea that doing for others brings you as much, if not more joy than it does to them. That’s a concept more people could stand to learn. I usually volunteer with my real estate partner, Dawn Rapa. The two of us can have fun doing absolutely nothing, so needless to say, every volunteer day is an adventure. We have been chased by chickens…which by the way are at almost every stop here in Salem County. We have been lost on roads that even two seasoned Realtors didn’t know existed.

We have endured snowstorms, hurricane force winds and extreme heatwaves and we have loved every last minute of it. We have met so many wonderful people through the years. I hope they know how much joy they have brought our way. I am a full time Realtor for the last 14 years, Mom of one daughter who has also volunteered with me in the past. Those have been some of my favorite times, doing this with my daughter. Seeing her learn how to give back to the community…what a blessing this organization has been to me. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.”

Thank you Maryanne for delivering more than a meal.

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September 9, 2020