Peggy Scheule

Peggy Scheule

“I started volunteering for Meals on Wheels more than 40 years ago through Junior Woman’s Club of Woodstown. It has been a joy and a hands-on way to help people in just a few hours.

When my children were in morning Kindergarten, I used to pick them up from school to go with me. They loved going, and the clients really loved seeing them.

My partner, Eileen, joined me more than 25 years ago. I treasure our close friendship that has grown over the years. We’ve raised our children and solved life’s problems together as we’ve driven many Meals on Wheels miles. I smile as I remember losing our way while in deep conversation or sitting in the car for an hour after our route to finish our talks.

We’ve had and have wonderful relationships with many clients over the years. It’s been a pleasure to serve them, check in, listen to them and share an encouraging word. One more very important part of my MOW experience is the Buddy program is wonderful. I met every week with my dear friend, Doris. We found out we had so much in common. She was in my father’s class. Her husband was a good friend of our family. Her son was in my class. And, as it turns out, we were related. She passed away in her sleep recently. I rejoice with her, but I miss her. She was delightful! Thank you for the blessing of bringing us together as buddies.

We really missed our visits during COVID and are glad to be back. And we’ve been so grateful for the Meals on Wheels staff for their help and support.”


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August 12, 2021