Rev. Kevin Peterson


Rev. Kevin Peterson of Pedricktown has been volunteering with Meals on Wheels since last summer. When we asked him to share about his experience, this is what he had to share. “I became a volunteer for Meals on Wheels after Teresa visited our church, 2nd Baptist Church of Pedricktown and did such a wonderful presentation about a program that was helping so many that were in need receiving meal deliveries for their daily nourishment.

The request for additional volunteers to help combat the continued plight of MOW in having a sufficient amount of volunteers to deliver the meals touched my spirit. Helping others is a crucial part of my life and I believe that every one who is able should always reach out to help those in need. MOW fulfills a void in the lives of people that could be otherwise left open and unattended to because of the recipient’s physical abilities, or lack thereof to meet certain needs on their own. Meeting the many recipients that I have met during my time as a volunteer has been a blessing and rewarding each in their own way.

Mr. B. Smith of Carney’s Point however always inspires me to continue to help others by the overwhelming appreciation that he shows toward me on every delivery. As a Pastor I believe that leading by example is a great tool to encourage others to give of their service for others. However many people outside of our church don’t know that I am also a retired Police Captain having served twenty five and a half years with the Pleasantville Police Department.”

Thank you Rev. Peterson for your support and for delivering “More Than Just A Meal”

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Rev Kevin Peterson standing infront of car


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September 9, 2020