The staff hold up thank you signs while wearing blue Meals on Wheels t-shirts.

From the desk of Carly Melchert, Executive Director

I am incredibly proud of this team of essential workers. When you work for a small non-profit organization learning to adapt, change and work creatively is required. How often we must adapt and change is never known, but we do our best to work together as a team through it all. When the current health crisis began adapt/change/work creatively sometimes meant multiple times per day, but regardless we always made it work.

In addition to this team there are a few other key factors that make this all possible:

1) Dedicated volunteers who also are willing to adapt, change and volunteer creatively. Some of these individuals have been volunteering since the organization began fulfilling the mission more than 40 years ago and others began as a result of the virus and now having more time to help. Some volunteers spend their time delivering meals, others serve on the board of trustees and some do both. Each and everyone is important.

2) A caring community both where we are physically located serving the mission and a virtual one. Those who live in a small community can certainly understand the power of word of mouth and fortunately social media helps to have that same impact. The caring community members fulfill needs for volunteers, supplies, financial support and more.

3) Financial supporters of all levels from all across the country. Meals on Wheels of Salem County receives support through the Older Americans Act, but more than 50% of the budget relies on fundraising events and public donations. The virus has impacted the organization’s ability to host previously planned events and has adapting, changing and thinking creatively for how to continue. Fortunately donations are still happening, but financial support is still the greatest need. Meals on Wheels is grateful to have multiple platforms for which donations can be made and saw a impact in text to give donations just this week. Donations ranged from $10-$200, but each one mattered.

These things are the formula for success. These are the things that has allowed Meals on Wheels to serve a successful mission for more than 40 years and be recognized as the best in the county multiple years in a row.

Here are a few ways in which you can help:

1) Like the Meals on Wheels of Salem County facebook page.

2) Like and share the Facebook posts.

3) Become a delivery or buddy volunteer – email Teresa at for more information.

4) Become a board trustee – email Carly at for more information.

5) Create cards or other crafts for the clients – mail them to 90 Market Street, Salem, NJ 08079.

6) Donate! Text the word MEAL to 91999 or mail a check to the above address.