Join us for our Virtual Family Fun Trivia! On January 28th, we are celebrating our friends at Salem County Meals on Wheels. Join our host Nor’easter Nick and play to win prizes. There are five rounds total and three winners per round. THANK YOU to our generous Sponsors at RCL Solar. Receive a free quote and reduce your electric bill today! Call (856) 339-4014 or visit https://www.rclsolar.com/.

Games will be run through a FREE online gaming app that you can download to your phone or other mobile device. Nor’easter Nick will host the game live on Zoom which you can watch from your home computer with your family members and friends. We recommend using two different devices to make viewing and playing the game much easier so that the whole family can see the action. Tickets are just $10 per family or group and proceeds benefit Salem County Meals on Wheels. Tickets are limited so please purchase right away.

To purchase a ticket, go to this link on your smartphone or tablet (WILL NOT WORK ON DESKTOP COMPUTER): https://links.xspero.com/MealsTrivia

JOIN THE FUN - XSpero Virtual Family Trivia Night