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Woman handing meal to older man in a wheelchairMeals on Wheels has a proud tradition of volunteerism.

Our program was founded by volunteers, is overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees and is supported by volunteers who are committed to improving our community.

When a volunteer arrives to deliver a meal, they are more than just a food source – they are concerned, caring people who check the home-bound person’s well-being. Many of our clients are elderly, ill, frequently poor and often lonely. Our volunteers may be the only people they see all day.

Volunteers donate as little as 2 hours, 1 time, every 4 weeks but their impact is immeasurable.

Please email Teresa Christoff at or call 935-3663 to learn more. Download our Volunteer Brochure here.


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There are many opportunities available volunteering with Meals On Wheels. Corporate, club and church teams are encouraged to deliver meals and help at events. We welcome students performing community service as well and tailor activities to their schedules. Volunteers also enjoy serving in the office and at our events.

  • Deliver Meals – Over 250 volunteers deliver 11 routes annually. As people retire, move away or change jobs, 50 new volunteer drivers are needed each year. Volunteer drivers receive an orientation packet and two training sessions prior to delivering. Two references and proof of valid license and vehicle insurance are required for drivers. Volunteers are also required to obtain a photo identification badge Meals on Wheels office.
  • Office Help – Make phone calls, update databases, help with mailings.
  • Special Events – Volunteers are needed to help with our annual Giant Pumpkin Carve, our annual Holiday Gift Project, and our annual March for Meals campaign.
  • Speakers Bureau – Become an ambassador for Meals On Wheels by hosting a booth at a local fair or talking to churches or civic groups about Meals On Wheels. Orientation provided.
  • Buddy Program – Buddies lift clients’ spirits by writing letters, chatting over the phone or even visiting their buddy in person.
  • Kitchen Assistance – Assist in the meal assembly process alongside the chef.

Helping with the Holiday Gift Bag project is always a treat!

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Volunteers – THANK YOU!

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Amy Myers

Doris Hanna

Sheila Patton

Kathy and George Smalley

Beth Deubert

Donna & Tony Labriola

Jane Luzzo

Mary Jane Cruice

Gerry Jones

Ralph & Peggy Thomas

Chuck Erhardt

Deb Fenza

Craig & Kay Muhlbaier

Katie Halpin

Peggy Scheule

John Pelura

Brenda DeLoatch

John Maloney

Craig & Kay Muhlbaier

Peggy Scheule

John Pelura

Debra & Hal Eisinger

Doug Damm

Phil Correll

Ryan Hitchner

Thomas O’Dowd

Kathy Hoglen

Chuck Miller

Linda Garrison

Nancy Asay

Peter Imig

Franklin Bank Pilesgrove Team

Lindsay Harmon

Cheryl Easterling

Nancy Mossop

Ed Fuerneisen

Vicki Price

Brenda & Joe O’Donald

Chris Geiger

Karen Berry

Betty Jean Eby

Betsy Davis

Richard and Geneva Hackett

Connie and Bill Clark

Lori Harris

Bonnie Holstrom

Charlene Kerswill

Dot Mason

Susan Sickler

Al and Pat Snyder

Debbie Mayhew

Michele Wallin

Dawn Zelenka

Dede McCaffery

Kim Lounsbury

Nan Hathaway

Anne Gibson

Dawn Gunning

Dan Lapp

Cheryl Schenkel

Jeri Waters

Charlie Sickler

Ida Garlic

Dawn Gunning

Loretta Flagstad & Mary Ellen Wood

Ava Harvey

Craig & Gaynel Schneeman

Rev. Kevin Peterson

Maryanne Midili

George Marshall

Jim Davis

Jeanette Finlaw

Dawn Rapa

Marilyn Mortimer

Bud Capers

Mary Lou Chollis

Father Chuck Messer

Sheila Burris

Ken Smith

Ken Dennis

Priscilla & Karen Sparks

Katie Halpin

Anne & Melissa Buckwheat

Gail Pate

Karen Halter & Haley Gillespie

Nicki Burke

Joyce Bruno

Alison Bohn

Yvonne & Jim Grant

Marva Wesner

Barbara & Pud Bitter

Susanne, Joyce & Nancy

Donna McVey

Dottie Robinson

Barbara Robertson

Michelle Moyer

Dawn Buzby

Rhonda Cowan

Jayne & Tyler

Marianne Karol

Grovas Family

Delco Development Team

Ken & Alice

Abigail Morrissey

Phyllis & Jerry

Elena Medina

Phil, Ron, Sue & Dawn

Celeste Mills