Unleash your creativity and spread joy to our home-bound senior Meals on Wheels clients! Our new initiative, “Coloring for Compassion,” invites you to pick your favorite coloring sheets from our website and add your personal touch. We have a variety of designs to choose from and will update the designs monthly. Simply print, color, and mail your masterpiece(s) back to us, and we’ll ensure these colorful creations find their way to our cherished seniors. How to Participate:

  1. Use the link below and select your favorite coloring sheets.
  2. Grab your art supplies and let your creativity flow!
  3. Mail your completed sheets to P.O. Box 888 Elmer, NJ 08318.
  4. Witness the smiles you create in the lives of our seniors!

Download Coloring Sheets PDF File ⇒ Let’s make a difference, one colored page at a time! Join us in coloring the world with compassion. Together, we can bring warmth and creativity into the lives of those who need it the most. Coloring for Compassion: Brightening Seniors' Days, One Sheet at a Time!