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Thanks for your interest in volunteering!

Our volunteers typically commit to help out weekly or at least once a every 4 weeks, for up to a two-hour shift. Volunteers must be able to pass a background check, and drivers must provide a driver’s license and proof of insurance. We also gladly accept help in the kitchen, grocery shopping, or with general office work. with other tasks including general office work and special events.

If you have a preference for type of work, preferred days of the week, preferred delivery area, or have any special skills or experience, please make a note in the Comments section.

We will get back to you shortly, and schedule you for a New Volunteer Orientation. We look forward to seeing you!

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Volunteer Commitment

To support those we serve, we request that potential volunteers read the following information and respond.

There are times when Meals on Wheels adjusts routes to accommodate client locations and the number of clients (we try not to exceed 16 on one route). Are you willing to be flexible and adapt to the changes?

Volunteer drivers are responsible for reviewing the monthly calendars to make sure they are able to drive on the designated date. Are you willing to call the office with as much advance notice as possible in the event you are unable to drive?

Volunteers have the clients’ trust. Do you agree to respect the confidentiality of all information communicated to you by the clients and Meals on Wheels staff?

Volunteer Authorization

To protect those we serve, we request that potential volunteers authorize Meals on Wheels to contact three references and conduct a criminal background check. The criminal background check will be conducted annually. Please refer to the attached policy. Please complete the blue form and the following information.

Have you ever committed a crime or been arrested?
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I agree to abide by the above listed “Volunteer Commitment” and the policies and procedures of Meals on Wheels of Salem County, Inc. I authorize and request any and all persons listed above, including my employer and government agencies that may have information relative to my abilities, police record, etc., to disclose such information to Meals on Wheels of Salem County, Inc., or its representatives. I release such employers, agencies, and any other persons from any and all liability of whatever nature by reason of furnishing such information to Meals on Wheels of Salem County, Inc. or its representatives.